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Kick Shield Krav Maga 3D Power SKM SPORT

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Sku EQ016
Kick Shield Krav Maga 3D Power SKM SPORT, unique design for Krav Maga, isosceles trapezoidal shape with three-dimensional vision, has 2 tactical elastics with 4 handles sewn in multi-pass, (two side at both ends near the other two adjacent on the back) to allow precise engagement that ensures less pressure on the thumbs. Made of rexine vinyl with multilayer padding, high resistance with lacing on one side for a better outflow of air during blows and punches, ideal for an intensive and professional training of krav maga. Its total weight is 2.5 KG with dimensions of 52x30x13 CM, item sold as a single piece.
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Sku EQ016
Colour Black
Weight 2.5 KG
Dimensions 52 x 30 x 13 CM
Size Single Piece
Material Rexine Vinyl

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Qualità ottima sia di allenamento che di materiali!
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