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Krav Maga Pad SKM Sport EQ012

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Krav Maga Pad SKM Sport EQ012
Out of stock
Sku EQ012

Krav Maga Pad SKM Sport EQ012 made of synthetic leather in black and white size 37x22x9 branded SKM SPORT. Professional Line design as attractive as the mini focus EQ011 with the logo SKM SPORT at the top in a central position and written KRAV MAGA also in Israeli with alternating red and white, in the center a circle inside which is placed a fist, the same logo as SKM SPORT. On the side parts there is the inscription KRAV MAGA in red color that covers almost the whole side part. On the back there are handles and velcro closure for a good grip. The ideal article for kicking and punching training during kravmaga training. The package contains a single piece.

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Sku EQ012
Color White/Black
Weight 620g
Dimensions 37x22x9
Size Single Piece
Material 100% PU

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