SKM SPORT™ is pleased to present you the new restyling of the logo. A more eye-catching and incisive logo, which will be used for the new collection of apparel and sporting goods for krav maga training and all existing martial arts disciplines.

Soon the new logo will make its first appearance on our store's most successful article, the AB001 sports trousers and all its graphic print variations. Although the sports pants is a huge success, we have set out to improve the quality of the material and the intensity of its black color, to enhance the contrast of colors used for graphic prints. Its composition has remained unchanged (65% polyester - 35% cotton) as this composition ensures excellent breathability, thus keeping the fabric always dry during intensive training.

The trousers with the new SKM logo will be available on our store from February 2020, in all its existing graphic print variations. During the course of the year, new models and surprising new items will be added to our website. Not to miss all our news, follow us on our social channels and on our blog.